About Us

why choose Uchida Photography for your senior portraits?

THE IMAGES: images that you will be proud to show to your friends.

EXPERIENCE: we treat you right.

PERSONALITY: we take the time to get to know each and every person we photograph. your own personality is key to showing “who you are” in your portraits. all you have to do is relax and let us tell your story!

EXCLUSIVE BACKGROUNDS AND SETS: you won’t find sets like ours anywhere else.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: who are professionally trained, and continue to train, so you have the best possible images.

STYLE: no more sitting in the same studio with the same cap and gown. We will help you create portraits that show your individual personality. Whether you are the captain of the football team, a cheerleader, or on the chess team - we want to show the world who you are through your images.

TECHNOLOGY: yep, we use it! our state-of-the-art cameras, computers, and software work together to put the final touches on your senior portraits. whether the look you are after is high fashion, sporty, bohemian, trendy, classic, or anything else you can dream up, we will be able to make it the best.

THE POSES: that are relaxed and natural, we work with your features to bring out the angles that make you look your best. tom will give you all the direction you need to let your individual personality shine through your session while you are having fun!

PRODUCTS YOU WILL FIND NO PLACE ELSE: from the coolest widescreen wallets to Fine Art Metals, check out our custom albums – they are absolutely amazing! you can choose custom fabrics and other design elements to make an album that fits your personality!